Friday, October 13, 2006

USB Thumb Response Kit

I've posted this question on Forensic Focus, what would you put one two 1gb thumbs, one for IR and one for CF Live? I want to get as many ideas of what tools people in the field would use or would like to have instantly ready.

Once I get all the ideas I plan to accumulate the tools that are not commercial and post them for download at my website.

I have been looking back at past postings at, and I see a lot of great information and requests for help and response about tools from Harlan, BUT I see very few comments and responses.

Folks, this is no way to build a community. We need active participation and sharing to even come close to keeping up with the bad guys. Have you ever explored how THEY do it???

We are already behind, if we don't get our collective a$$es in gear and start sharing our wealth of knowledge, we'll stay there.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I've been having a running discussion with Harlan Carvey in the Forensic Focus Forums about innovation in the IR and CF worlds. One of the places we feel there can be innovation is in the area of communication. We are trying to come up with a way to get the word out about threats and solutions, about new tools, those that work and those that don't, and have a place where everyone can find an answer to their questions.

So, the rebirth of my blog. My intention is that my blog in some little way can compliment Harlan's, ( see my links, windowsir) and we can get more people to join us in this endeavor. A blog because of it's chronograhical nature would keep the latest news, tools, threats and solutions right up front where they can be useful. So, join in one of our blogs, post those comments and questions, OR start your own blog to help us out.

Let's build a community of like minded professionals and we can all benefit!